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Crate (Red Alert 1)

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Crates in Red Alert 1 look like ordinary wooden cube-shaped boxes. In campaigns, they can be found quite often - directly placed on the ground, through destroying aPick-up truck, accomplishing a mission objective, or occasionally through capturing an enemy refinery. In skirmish and multiplayer modes, crates can also randomly be found floating on water. These can be picked up even with submerged units.

When picked up, a symbol will appear for a few seconds to indicate what is inside the crate.

Known Crate Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Credits ($2000, dollar symbol)
  • Unit armour upgrade (area of effect, with a steel plate symbol)
  • Unit firepower upgrade (area of effect, with a diagonal missile symbol)
  • Unit speed upgrade (area of effect, with a lightning bolt symbol)
  • Restore full health (area of effect, with an atom symbol, affects all units and structures of the user)
  • Vehicle (most ground vehicles, including MCVs and Ore Trucks, but never air or naval units)
  • Squad of 5 infantry (most infantry, including engineers)
  • Map reveal (reveals the entire map like an allied side's GPS Satellite, except for areas affected by gap generators)
  • Map reshroud (resets the shroud of the user)
  • Explosion effect (Does 500 HP damage within the area of effect)
  • Napalm death (with flames doing 600 HP, killing one unit instantly)
  • Nuclear Weapon (ICBM symbol, gives a user a one shot Nuclear Missile)
  • Parabombs (Skull sumbol, gives a user a single parabomb strike)
  • Sonar Pulse (Sonar symbol, gives a user a single Sonar pulse to temporarily reveal submarines)
  • Invulnerable (Iron Curtain symbol, makes units invulnerable for a short period of time)
  • Cloak (rare), (makes units invisible within the 3x3 area of effect)