Crate (Tiberian Dawn)

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Crates in Tiberian Dawn look like ordinary wooden cube-shaped boxes. In campaigns, they can be found quite often - directly placed on the ground, sometimes serve as mission objectives. In multiplayer mode, a crate's content is always random, and can both benefit or hinder the player's units/gameplay.

When picked up, a symbol will appear for a few seconds to indicate what is inside the crate.

Known Crate Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Credits (random, can be in any amount up to $2,000, dollar sign)
  • Restore full health (area of effect, affects all units and structures of the user, orange with green rings)
  • Extra unit (random. can be any GDI or Nod unit)
  • Map reveal (reveals the entire map, dark blue sphere)
  • Map reshroud (resets the shroud of the user)
  • Explosion effect (deal damage within the area of effect)
  • Nuclear Weapon (gives a user a one shot Nuclear Missile, white missile with green head)
  • Ion canon (gives a user a one shot Ion canon, picture of the earth)
  • Cloak (cloaks all nearby units permanently, dark sphere turning into a gridded sphere)
  • Nuke strike (directs a Nuke Strike against the location ofthe crate retrieved)
  • Visceroid (releases a Tiberium-spawned Visceroid into the playing field, attacks randomly)