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Crate (Tiberium Wars)

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Grants a bonus

Crates are one-shot powerups available in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the advent of highly mobile armies, the need for equally fast transportation of ordnance and equipment was needed. As such, many quartermasters decided to package vital equipment and supplies into crates and have them delivered to the battlefield. First were generic wooden crates, but after the First Tiberium War, in order to rectify the fragility and easy destruction of the wooden crates, a new multi-sided version of the crate was developed, made from advanced polymers that allowed it to withstand most environmental hazards. The most common version is the G-771G Container, which has been used by the commercial shipping industry for decades by the Third Tiberium War. Hundreds of these are strewn around old docks and military depots. These remnants of military power can be opened by any personnel, quote from Brock Littleford's memo, "...with a little bit of elbow grease...". The contents may include emergency medical supplies, surplus ammunition, or even forgotten guidance systems or resources.

Game effects[edit | edit source]

  • Money crates (give money, usually 1000 credits)
  • Unit crates (contain units)
  • Veterancy crates (grants one veterancy level to a unit)
  • Unit upgrade crates (upgrade damage, armor or other attributes)
  • Healing crate (heals nearby units)
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