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Quick Freeze!
- Cryocopter
Cryocopter firing its cryobeam

The Cryobeam is a main weapon used by Cryocopters. The weapon principally capable to induce sudden drop in the target's temperature. It also induce water vapour around it to form ice cap around target, hindering it from mobilizing if thick enough. There are several possibility behind its principle: simply cooling down target, or simultaneously shoot water on it for quick icing. It cannot damage the enemy directly, but it is a great choice to use as a support unit. It can slow down and weaken enemy ground and sea units. If the victim is frozen, it is dangerously vulnerable, as it become brittle, that a single bullet can destroy entire frozen structure. But if the frozen victim is left untouched without Cryobeam for a while, it will melt and its overall ability will be restored to normal.

The Cryo Legionnaire has a similar weapon but it only hurts air unit and deployed only when garrisoning. A larger contraption is used in Cyroshot secret protocol, producing much larger beam with much larger freezing capablity. The Cyroshot require a construction yard to coordinate the targeted area. Its fired from secret contraption, possibly include satellite assistance. The Cyroshot can be upgraded in fire power and area of effect, up into Cyrogeddon level. In real life, inducing extreme temperature to any living human being may possibly induce damages from hypothermia, cell tissue damage, and up to death, depend on the temperature and exposure time.