Cult of Reaper

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The Cult of Reaper, the darkest, guiltiest secret of the Visitors. A death cult veiled in the trappings of religion.
- Kane

The Cult of the Reaper is an enforcer caste of the Scrin, whose mission is to eliminate anyone and anything (even whole worlds) that stands in the way of the Scrin and dare hinder harvesting progress. Throughout the galaxy, the Reaper cult is infamous for its unspeakable atrocities. Their typical style is using Tiberium-based weaponry and brute force to subjugate the enemy. Religious undertones also appear in the Cult's conduct, perhaps similar to Nod's own use of religion.

The cult appears to be divided into various sects. The 17th sect is known to be even more violent than what is typical of the cult, practicing self-mutilation and extensive Tiberium augmentation resulting in rampant mutation and insanity. The Tiberium enhancement does make Reaper-17 one of the strongest sects but they are usually shunned by the other Scrin, who view their self flagellation and prominent Tiberium augmentation as highly unnecessary.

The Cult seem to value Tiberium even more than other Scrin forces (whose sole purpose in coming to Earth was to harvest the "Ichor", as Tiberium is known in their language). Reaper-17 Harvesters, for instances, possess a built-in Shield Generator, which does not need to be researched unlike other Shields, allowing more aggressive harvesting operations. They also utilize advanced Growth Accelerators known as Growth Stimulators, which provide a trickle of credits (like a Tiberium Spike) in addition to speeding up Tiberium Re-growth. Note that Reaper-17 is the only sect which humans have come into contact with, and this may not be the case for the rest of the caste.