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Internal name



EotRS logo.png Empire of the Rising Sun


Multi-purpose base defense turret


Kinetic burst-shots / Tenzai VX pulser-missile





Armour type




Build time

0:04 (Nanocore)

Produced by

Construction Yard


Ore Refinery


Advanced Rocket Pods (Anti-Air)




Anti-Infantry / Anti-Air Mode

The Defender-VX is the standard defensive structure for the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Just like every Imperial structure, it is built from Nanocores, giving it the capability to deploy anywhere in the battlefield without the need of ground control. Since the Empire's main strategy on their military is versatility and flexibility in combat, the Defender VX was designed to have two modes of attack: a Pulse cannon that can easily kill infantry and light vehicles, and a Missile launcher that engages air targets. Unfortunately, it cannot engage both types of targets at once due to its missile launchers stored inside its turret chassis. It also has the advantage of deploying to water to protect water-based fortifications.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

RA3 Switch Missiles Icons.png
Airdestroyer Mode Switches to anti-air configuration, which automatically fires on enemy aircraft.
RA3 Autocannons Icons.png
Defender Mode Switch to anti-surface configuration, which automatically fires on enemy land or sea units.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

These stationary turrets can provide anti-infantry and anti-air cover when expanding to ore mines around the battlefield. But, it has no means to fend off heavy armor and the like, so Wave-Force towers are required for a well defended base. With enough of them deployed in a base, they can fend off heavily armored aircraft that might venture too close. Nanocore system mean that they can be deployed without restriction on construction zone albeit the Nanocores need to be brought forward.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Javelin soldiers can use their laser guidance systems to lock onto Defender VXs in a longer range, where the turrets can't fire at them. Any unit that can out-range the turrets can kill it. Due to its light armor, it cannot withstand an attack from heavy armor and constant bombardment from heavy aircraft. They will require some micromanagement resource as they need to be manually ordered to change the weapon system to suit combat. As flexible as they are, they cannot deploy themselves back into Nanocores. Nanocore deployment system means that the structure must be prepared up front as Nanocores cannot be constructed instantly and must be bought like vehicles before deployment.

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