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Defensive Tower


  • Tech structure
  • Stationary ground defense

Triple barrel cannon



The Defensive Tower is a neutral building that can be captured just like any other structure and is ideal in defending an area. It appears in Tiberium Wars.

Its triple barrelled cannon is strong against light and medium armoured vehicles but deals low damage to heavily armoured tanks such as Avatar Warmechs. While it will take several shots to eliminate an enemy squad, it is accurate enough to take out a lone infantry unit with one shot. Moreover, the cannons' range is higher than a base defense's range.

Its primary weakness is its lack of anti-air capability and therefore vulnerable to any air unit. It has a minimum range around the tower which if any units enter that radius then the Defensive Tower cannot fire upon.

When GDI closed down 60% of its military bases (most of them in the Yellow Zones), these defensive towers had since remained inoperable unless captured by an engineer. However there are some of these structures operating within the GDI-held blue zones. The most famous of these defensive towers were the so-called "Guns of the Amazon" operating along the Atlantic Coast that prevented Nod from transporting vital Liquid-T components out of Brazil, which neccessitated the destruction of the towers.

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