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Determined Retribution

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Determined Retribution

The Needs of the Many


Harvester Hunting

Part of

Firestorm Crisis





  • Nod tactical victory
  • CABAL strategic victory

Brotherhood of Nod



Capture the array to bring down the CABAL Core defense

Destroy all Nod forces


Nod Commander (Firestorm)
Anton Slavik



Advanced Nod arsenal including:

CABAL arsenal incorporating cyborgs and Nod weaponry
Cluster Missiles

Determined Retribution is the seventh mission in the Nod campaign of Tiberian Sun: Firestorm.

EVA Briefing[edit | edit source]

Scorched earth, plain and simple. Locate and destroy all cybernetic forces in the area. The base has a web of laser fences protecting it and CABAL's computer core.


  • First Objective: Repair the bridges to allow for reinforcements.
  • Second Objective: Capture the command station to shut down the laser fencing surrounding CABAL's core.
  • Third Objective: Destroy CABAL's base and all defenses.

Background[edit | edit source]

EVA: Nod casualty rates well within acceptable parameters.
Slavik: Much better.

- Reprogramming EVA

After modifying the GDI EVA unit to suit Nod's needs, Slavik ordered the AI to locate the CABAL's main computer core. Destroying the core was paramount to Nod's survival, and end CABAL's mutiny. EVA found a probable location of the CABAL Core in France, where a lot of signals were emitting from that location. Slavik decided it was time to destroy CABAL for his betrayal of Kane and the Brotherhood, and tasked his commander to focus all of Nod's resources to exterminate the CABAL core.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

You dare to attack me?! How pathetic! Cybernetic intelligence will always be superior!

Just as Nod seemed to have won a hard-fought victory, the CABAL core suddenly disappeared. It actually turned out to be a trap set by CABAL, who vowed that cybernetic intelligence is superior, and launched multiple cluster missiles off-map, indiscriminantly killing all Nod and cyborg forces in the area alike.

With most of the Nod forces present at the time, the Brotherhood was hanging on for survival. By this time, CABAL had also turned on GDI after the rogue AI acquired the two pieces of the Tacitus with GDI's help. With the situation so desperate for both factions, Slavik contacted General Cortez and proposed an unholy alliance against CABAL.

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