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Devil's Breath Twin Flamethrowers

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For the Giga-Fortress's God's Breath device.

The Devil's Breath was a high powered flamethrower developed during the Tiberium Control Network Conflict by the Brotherhood of Nod and featured on their AT-6 Flame Tank. It consisted of twin flamethrowers that made use of a reworked cocktail of flammable chemicals tweaked to deal maximum damage to structures; and deal damage over an area, making them effective against groups of hostile units, especially infantry. It was a potent blast-type weapon capable of incinerating structures easily.

The drivers of Flame tanks would fire concentrated bursts of flame from the Devil's Breath at targets which would burn the target as well as set the target ablaze. Furthermore, the environment itself was set ablaze and continued bursts from the flamethrowers can lead to the creation of a firestorm that will incinerate any targets within range of its flames.

The fuel in use is specially mixture that only set ablaze by two device installed on the flame tank: the flame thrower and special mechanism in its wheel. The flamethrower has been extensively modified, especially by Nod Separatists to answer GDI's mass production of Zone Armour as now the flame can deliver much more damage by aplying more heat shock and fuel chemical corrosion to the thin armour employed by the armour, penetrating their armour in the most thin location like the joint and "injecting" the heat inside, negating the armor advantage. Due to the thermal shock it produced and volatility of the fuel, the flamethrower cannot shoot on continuous stream and must be cooled down, a significant drawback compared to its ancient brother.