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Devil's Orders

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Generals2logo.png The following is based on content cut from Command & Conquer (2013) and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Devil's Orders
GLA Sandstorms
GLA Sandstorms

The Dam


Generals 2 (animatics)

Devil's Orders is the title of an animatic for Generals 2, given to the fifth in its sequence. It is one of the nine animatics publicly released by CnCSaga in 2014.[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The scene begins with a battle involving Aegis tanks led by Agembe engaging a group of GLA Sandstorms led by Jarmen Kell. As the overwhelming numbers of the GLA pick off one EU tank after another, Agembe notices a group of mysterious black tanks approaching in the distance.

The scene then switches to a conversation between Kell and EU General Legrand. Legrand tells Kell that he must continue to remain in hiding (the world believes he is dead after the First GLA War), and so he will continue the disinformation campaign that the GLA simply has a new leader. He also orders Kell to keep the APA forces off balance. Legrand will attack Agembe himself. The conversation abruptly ends as Danko shuts off the communication.

Danko confronts Kell, calling him a traitor and coward for allying with an EU general. Kell argues back, saying as he was at the gunpoint of Legrand's forces, Legrand offered him an alliance that would be beneficial towards the GLA's cause. Danko attempts to punch Kell in rage, but Kell pushes Danko to the side and walks off.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Engagement occurs between EU Aegis tanks and GLA Sandstorms
G2 Logo EU.png Agembe: EU forces! We are surrounded!
Agembe turns around, noticing black Aegis tanks approaching in the distance.
G2 Logo EU.png Agembe: What... are those?!
Scene cuts to Kell remotely conversing with Legrand.
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: Agembe's retreating.
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: Excellent, Kell. Do not let him regroup.
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: Negative. He is still very dangerous, we are not equipped for open engagement. You will have to deal with Agembe yourself.
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: Very well! But you must stay dead. I will spread disinformation. Foremost that the GLA - they are resurgent, that they have a new leader. Meanwhile, keep the APA off balance!
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: Understood.
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: I will be expecting you to be-
Danko arrives to Kell and abruptly ends the transmission.
G2 Logo GLA.png Danko: So you made a deal with the devil Legrand?
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: You are naive Danko! Where do you think our tanks, our intel came from?
G2 Logo GLA.png Danko: Naive... but not a traitor!
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: Legrand had me cornered. I was ready to die. He offered me an alliance, a homeland! And I thought, what purpose would that serve?
G2 Logo GLA.png Danko: At that moment, you became a coward!
Danko attempts to punch Kell. Kell grabs hold of his left arm, threatening to sprain it.
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: No Danko... at that moment, I became rational.
Kell pushes Danko aside and walks away. Danko looks on in anger.

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