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Direct & Dominate

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Direct & Dominate

Action, comedy

Created by

Benjamin Tay

Based on

Tiberian Dawn


Frank Klepacki (reused Tiberian Dawn music)
Maarten Bonder (reused Renegade X music)


May 28, 2020 (episode 1)



Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units is a 3D animated web series created by Benjamin Tay, a former animator at Lemon Sky Studios who has also worked on the Remastered Collection.[1] The series is based on the setting of the original Command & Conquer, starring cartoonized and petite or rotund versions of the game's units. The story of Direct & Dominate centers around the Global Defense Initiative trying to take out Nod forces around X-16 Y-42.

Inspiration for the design of the characters in the series came from a discussion with Nyerguds regarding the scaling issues of unit sprites and how this resulted in substantially wider looking sprites compared to the way the graphics were originally displayed on CRT monitors in 1995.

Early renders of the series characters were showcased on the r/commandandconquer subreddit in early 2019, with the first episode released on May 28, 2020. The characters are voiced by various members of the C&C community.

The Absolute Units series is also based on Direct & Dominate: Munitions Dawn, a comic flash game originally published on Newgrounds on August 24, 2012. Munitions Dawn has since been reuploaded onto the official YouTube channel as a series of interactive videos.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Global Defense Initiative[edit | edit source]

  • Pathfinder (voiced by Benjamin Tay): A jubilant humvee tasked with scouting the area around X-16 Y-42. He along with Packer find a Nod harvester named Paycheck, but the harvester manages to escape while the two GDI vehicles get distracted in their conversation about tumbleweeds. He later pretends to defect to Viktor's base in order to capture Paycheck.
  • Packer (voiced by Benjamin Tay): A humorless APC who accompanies Pathfinder in finding the Nod harvester and base around X-16 Y-42. He packs many things, including a whole computer.
  • Highlander (voiced by Steven Provence): A Scottish medium tank who orders Pathfinder and Packer to keep searching for the harvester they encountered. In Episode 4, he takes part in assaulting Nod's Icarus Outpost with Highground and Highroller.
  • Warthog (voiced by Hugh Tamlin): An A-10 aircraft and flight leader who aids Highlander in taking out the Obelisk of Light guarding Icarus Outpost.
  • Uncle Beige (voiced by Nikolas Lloyd): An antiquated medium tank who is a veteran of the Second World War.

Brotherhood of Nod[edit | edit source]

  • Paycheck (voiced by Benjamin Tay, later Steven Provence): A Nod harvester encountered by Pathfinder and Packer. He is a simple farmer tending to his Tiberium crops in Viktor's base. In Episode 3, he is tricked by Pathfinder into believing he knows where to get more Tiberium. He usually goes the wrong way, which is a joke towards the Tiberian Dawn harvester's poor pathfinding and AI.
  • Boomer (voiced by GordonWeedman): A lonely turret posted far outside of Viktor's base. When Pathfinder and Packer run into Boomer, the two hide and made the turret believe he is hearing voices in his head. He has some rather interesting experiences with massage oil and barrel fungus.
  • Noddy Boi (voiced by Steven Provence): A minigunner guarding Viktor's base. He places Pathfinder and Packer under arrest after catching them encroaching near the Nod base. He later leads the two into the base after Pathfinder replies they were in fact "defecting".
  • Hanseldorf (voiced by PlokiteWolf): A personnel at Viktor's base who handles all processing related to GDI defection and absconsion affairs.
  • Chorizo (voiced by Matt Armstrong): A reckless light tank stationed at Viktor's base. Pathfinder meets him while he was talking to his friend Kielbasa about how he destroyed a GDI humvee.
  • Grunt #23 & #32 (voiced by Nivan Moodley): Two grunts stationed at Zoldo outpost. They barely realize Paycheck's absence.

Videos[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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