Dirty Tricks

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Dirty Tricks
Unit Unlocked

Terror drone


1 vs 1


Show of Force



Dirty Tricks is a Commander's Challenge operation after both Shinzo and Kenji had their civil war fight being stopped. Kelly Weaver says that the Terror Drones were mostly used by Nikolai Moskvin, who uses them as a special that raged New York against Allied leader, Howard T. Ackerman and destroying the Statue of Liberty plus Fort Bradley in scaring capitalist dogs and pigs from the city. The mission was called Blight on the Big Apple, held in the same month as Raid on Lost Castle. It's the twenty-eighth mission before Kill-A-Ton.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kelly Weaver sends the Futuretech Commander to Guinea to defeat Moskvin's Terror drones and bring at least, one of them back to FutureTech for some tests on it. The Commander finds Ore Refineries scattered across parts of the map as there is no urban activity on the battlefield. He then blasts through Moskvin despite willing to ignore the corporation himself and then, he retreats from his main base down to Central Australia where FutureTech must steal the one and only Desolator from Moskvin's main base there and avoid the giant one with a Yuriko Omega clone walking beside him.

Briefing Information[edit | edit source]