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Dogma Day Afternoon

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Dogma Day Afternoon
Missing part of the Tacitus
Missing part of the Tacitus

In the Box


Escape from CABAL

Part of

Firestorm Conflict




Temple of the Tacitus, Bolivia


GDI recovers the Tacitus fragment


TS GDI logo.png Global Defense Initiative



Recover the Tacitus fragment from the Temple of the Tacitus

Defend the Temple of the Tacitus


TS GDI logo.png Firestorm Taskforce Commander



Dogma Day Afternoon is fifth GDI mission in the Firestorm campaign. The mission involved a GDI operation to retrieve the Tacitus from its temple.[1]

Briefing[edit | edit source]

The second piece of the Tacitus is rumored to be held inside an ancient temple outside of La Paz, Bolivia. Ghoststalker and one of our archaeologists will assist you in locating the temple and retrieving the Tacitus.

We also have a new unit for you to test: it's called the Juggernaut and is our new long-range artillery unit. Be advised: this area is completely uncharted.


  • First Objective: Reconnoiter the area and identify the Temple of the Tacitus.
  • Second Objective: Recover the Tacitus from the temple and proceed to the designated airlift zone.

Background[edit | edit source]

When CABAL was reactivated by GDI they discovered the Tacitus was missing a fragment. This was why GDI research into the device was painfully slow. Unknown to GDI, CABAL already knew this, and the Nod AI even pinpointed the location of the missing Tacitus fragment in a temple in Bolivia. The temple was however guarded by cultists, who embraced Tiberian flora and fauna but was not like Nod in the sense of intentionally weaponising Tiberium. A full-scale assault was not an option due to the massive amounts of Tiberium and its flora & fauna that littered the region. So General Cortez sent the Firestorm Taskforce Commander to guide a commando unit comprising of Ghoststalker, a medic and GDI's new artillery unit called the Juggernaut to escort an archaeologist to locate the temple housing the Tacitus fragment.

Events[edit | edit source]

An Orca Transport landed nearby the Temple and dropped off the commando unit before flying away. The team then made its way through the area and observed cultists praising various Tiberian flora and fauna. Unfortunately the team was spotted by the cultists and, seeing Ghoststalker as an abomination, attacked the team.

The Ghost Stalker fought its way past believers, powerful blue Tiberium fiends and Tiberium veins before reaching the first temple. The archaeologist investigated the temple, only to find nothing of value there.

The second temple, located near blue Tiberium, was guarded by the same kinds of forces. After the archaeologist entered the temple, lightning struck the Tiberium, causing it to explode.

The third temple was guarded by cult guards, priests and Mortimer. The Ghost Stalker was victorious, killing their leader. The archaeologist entered the temple, and the Tacitus was taken to a transport.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Tacitus fragment was then transported to what GDI believed to be the CABAL core in Poland. Dr Boudreau was at the core to oversee the two pieces join together. But just before that happened, CABAL unleashed his insurrection against humanity...

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References[edit | edit source]

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