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EMP grenades

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EMP Grenades

A grenadier squad before and after EMP grenades upgrade
A grenadier squad before and after EMP grenades upgrade

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Affected objects

Grenadier squad


Upgrades all Grenadiers with EMP Grenades
Causes all mechanical units and structures in the Area of Effect to become temporarily disabled

EMP Grenades was an upgrade used by the Global Defense Initiative during the Third Tiberium War.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This upgrade gives Grenadier squads the "Fire EMP Grenades" ability, which causes them to toss EMP grenades at the target area. Similar to the Hallucinogenic grenade ability of Confessor cabals, each member tosses one grenade, allowing a larger area to be covered when the squad is at full strength. The EMP grenades disable all vehicles and structures in the blast radius for 10 seconds. The ability has a cooldown time of 30 seconds.

Despite the wording of the upgrade saying that "mechanical units" are disabled, the EMP grenades only affect vehicles and structures. Power armored infantry and Marked of Kane cyborgs are unaffected.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The Steel Talons do not use EMP grenades, making them the only faction in Kane's Wrath not to have native EMP weaponry. In order to improve their counter options to epic units and make them more desirable in multiplayer, the unofficial 1.02+ patch gave them this upgrade in Release 12, available at the Command post but requiring the Tech center. This variant costs $1000 and takes 45 seconds to research.

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