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Croatia, Yellow Zone Y-1




Partial Tiberium contamination (2047)


Military base



Appears in

Tiberium Wars




Presumed to have been destroyed by the Liquid Tiberium explosion

Echo-2 was a GDI military base established in Croatia. It became a prominent staging ground for GDI forces making the final siege of Temple Prime in 2047.

History[edit | edit source]

Echo-2 was established by the Global Defense Initiative during the Second Tiberium War. During the seventeen year interbellum, the GDI bureaucracy closed down 60% of its military bases worldwide to cut costs and focus on eradicating Tiberium. Echo-2 became one of the few GDI bases in the Balkans to remain operational and became important as Tiberium slowly converted the region into a yellow zone. Nod was secretly rebuilding into an invisible superpower and Echo-2 was covertly becoming situated deep inside Nod territory.

When GDI began to gain the upper hand after Nod's pre-emptive strike on the blue zones, the GDI military began the first siege of Temple Prime in Sarajevo. The first siege failed due to the arrival of Nod reinforcements and GDI casualties were high. At the time the public was not yet aware of the fact that Temple Prime existed. Even so, the Nod forces retaliated viciously for the assault against any GDI base in the Balkans. Echo-2 was cut off from the supply lines and lost its construction yard and some of its power plants to Nod sabotage. The base came under heavy Nod attack, and was soon surrounded by three Nod bases.

After Director Redmond Boyle ordered another attack on Temple Prime, General Jack Granger put a GDI Commander in charge of the mission and ordered him to establish a foothold in the region first. Echo-2 was chosen for its close proximity to Temple Prime but it needed to be micro-managed with its limited power against the Nod attacks. Fortunately the commander defeated all the present Nod forces and Echo-2 base became a staging ground for GDI.

The final siege of Temple Prime would prove to be costly for GDI. A Liquid Tiberium bomb planted by Kane inside Temple Prime was detonated by an ion cannon strike at Boyle's orders. All the Tiberium deposits in the Balkans were detonated as well, turning the region into a red zone. Echo-2 was presumed to have been caught in the blast and was extinguished by it.

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