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Emperor's Rage
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Empire of the Rising Sun


1 security point

  • Level 1: Units move slowly but have more armour and firepower.
  • Level 2: Units move even slower but do even more damage.
  • Level 3: Units almost stopped, but also almost invincible.

The military of the Empire of the Rising Sun is known for: 1. cutting-edge technology, 2. unorthodox tactics, and 3. the sheer fanaticism of its soldiers. Imperial troops fought with a passion and fervor unmatched even by the most radical of Communist revolutionaries. At times on the battlefield, Imperial ground and naval units fought even more zealously than usual. Those who have encountered it has dubbed this combat frenzy the "Emperor's Rage".

The Emperor's Rage is part of the Empire's Top Secret Protocols. A commander may choose to periodically emblazons his troops' sense of strength. It seems harmless enough, but the indoctrination has a very real effect on the combat ability of the troops selected for it. Battlefield reports confirmed that indoctrinated troops fight much better, often breaking through enemy forces in circumstances they could not have otherwise. However, the reports observed that the affected troops move slower.

Even Imperial troops cannot keep up this frenzy for a long period of time. They will get tired eventually, and the Emperor's Rage will wear off.

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