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Engineer (Tiberian Twilight)

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For other uses, see Engineer.
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CNC4 GDI Engineer.png

CNC4 Nod Engineer.png


GDI, Nod


Support unit


Anti-mine gun


Zone Armour



Hit points


Armour type



3 CP

Build time


Produced by



Rank 0



Attack range


Sight range


  • Repair ground units and structures
  • Cliffjump
  • Clear Minefield
  • Detect stealth and burrowed units
  • Capture husks
Engineer in the field.
- Engineer ready for deployment, Tiberian Twilight

The engineer is the basic utility unit for both GDI and Nod in Tiberian Twilight. Their only difference is external appearance.

Background[edit | edit source]

The engineers of the Ascension Conflict perform a wider variety of battlefield tasks, and with greater efficiency, than their predecessors. In addition to repairing structures and capturing husks, engineers can now also repair vehicles and infantry equipment. This was made possible by Tacitus-derived nanotech repair mechanisms developed after the Third Tiberium War, based on Scrin technology. Engineers are also armed with weapons that can be used to clear minefields[1] but can be used against any hostile ground infantry, vehicles or structures, though the weapons are not very effective in this role. Engineers are also extremely fragile, at 150 HP and with Light armor, however, they compenstate for this with their excellent mobility and ability to cliffjump.[2] Furthermore they are also equipped to detect stealth and burrowed units.

GDI engineers wear a variant of GDI's Zone Armour, equipped with thruster packs, a nanotech repair beam and an anti-mine weapon, tailored for utility and engineering work. Nod engineers are equipped with a flight suit which is modeled after a dragonfly. Apart from appearance the two variants of engineer are the same, in utility, abilities and hit points. It was redesigned for Christmas 2009, changed substantially from the worm-man pictured below.

Game Unit[edit | edit source]

The engineer uses a fast-firing, area of effect weapon to clear minefields. This weapon is ineffective against all other target types.

Use their detector ability to expose cloaked and burrowed units in a medium radius around them.

The primary use for engineers is their single, medium ranged repair beam; it can only repair ground units, crawlers, and support crawler when deployed. It has a longer range than both the Slave and the GDI Dozer, but repairs more slowly.

Engineers can also Cliffjump, reaching areas otherwise inaccessible to other units. This ability, combined with Engineer's fast movement speed, makes them ideal for retrieving Tiberium crystals in Multiplayer. The Engineer's mobility allows the engineer to keep up with (and usually outpace) combat units. Micromanagement is needed to ensure that the Engineers don't arrive before the combat units, because their low health and armor makes them extremely vulnerable to enemy fire.

Low cost (3CP) and high utility make these units invaluable for ground commanders. Support commanders can use them for more specific roles, like repairing their limited ground units, capturing Tiberium and Husks. Defense commanders may consider stationing a few of them inside a Bunker placed near other defensive structures, allowing the Engineers to rapidly repair the structures from relative safety. Several achievements can be earned if the player uses engineers to clear mines with it and capture several husks.[2]

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

In the run up to Christmas 2009, Battlecast Primetime revealed that due to community pressure there had been two Nod units that had been redesigned. These were the Nod Avatar and the Nod Engineer.[3]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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