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Eradicator hexapod

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For similar units, see epic unit.
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Eradicator Hexapod

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Internal name



CNCKW Scrin logo.png Scrin
CNCKW Reaper-17 logo.png Reaper-17
CNCKW Traveler-59 Logo.png Traveler-59


Super-heavy assault walker
Epic unit


Zeus plasma disc battery
3 infantry hardpoints



Hit points


Armour type

Heavy (33% Cannon, 25% Rocket, 8% Grenade, 12% Gun, 1% Sniper)

Transport slots




Build time


Produced by

Warp chasm


Technology assembler



Ground attack
  • 500 (Cannon) per disc, fires volley of 7 discs, 200% scalar against infantry (plasma)
  • 240 (Rocket) with 75% scalar against infantry, 200% scalar against civilian buildings (Disintegrator garrison)
  • 150 (Gun) with 225% scalar against vehicles, 75% scalar against structures (Ravager garrison)
  • 380 (Rocket) with a 200% scalar against civilian buildings (Shock Troop garrison)
Air attack

380 (Rocket) (Shock Troop garrison)

  • 2.25 seconds (plasma)
  • 1 seconds between shots, additional 0.7 seconds clip reload time every 5 shots (Disintegrator garrison)
  • 0.7 seconds pre-attack delay, 0.2 seconds to fire each shot, additional 1.3 seconds reload time every 3 shots (Ravager garrison)
  • 2.5 seconds between volleys (Shock Trooper garrison)


Attack range
  • 300 (plasma, Shock Trooper garrison)
  • 200 (Disintegrator garrison)
  • 260 (Ravager garrison)

Unit Crusher


Can only be built once at a time

That is one big bug!
- Unidentified Nod soldier

The Eradicator Hexapod is a megalithic epic unit that was used by the Scrin during their invasion on Earth.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Eradicator Hexapod was a massive mobile lifeform recycling system, capable of breaking down both organic and inorganic matter and converting the base components into usable resources[1]. Its main weapon was a powerful disc launcher, similar to the one used by the Devastator warship, but it could also assimilate the weapons of Scrin infantry units by using its lifeform recycling system in a slightly different manner[2].

After the Scrin deployed this unit, rumors of a six-legged monstrosity wandering the wastelands of Red zones and Yellow zones spread like wildfire[2], though these rumors were only confirmed after Nod forces led by LEGION engaged and destroyed an Eradicator deployed by Traveler-59 in Kampala[3].

Description[edit | edit source]

These machines are an extremely powerful Scrin biomechanical construct, resembling a six-legged spider.[1] Existence of this unit was first hinted at by fuzzy images of a large unidentified Scrin walker. Soon rumours began to circulate of a giant, six-legged monster prowling through the red and yellow zones. While some thought these rumors would soon dissipate, GDI Central Command began to worry when sightings increased in number. The most disturbing and detailed accounts spoke of the destruction of heavy Nod and GDI units and the taking apart of its victims piece by piece to recycle them. GDI investigated, and soon learned of the Eradicator.

The Eradicator is armed with weaponry similar to the Devastator Warship complimented with a Lifeform Recycling System. This gruesome ability allows the unit to dismantle and assimilate parts from vehicles, buildings and soldiers it destroys, resulting in a steady supply of resources. As a whole, the Eradicator is heavily armed and heavily armored, and with the right units supporting it, difficult to defeat. Even Commandos cannot damage its legs, and could be crushed if attempting to attack it. The effectiveness of the Eradicator was observed to be enhanced by it assimilating Scrin infantry units.

However, without appropriate upgrades, the walker is incapable of protecting itself from air attacks. Its main weapon's lack of precision also makes it less effective against well co-ordinated and fast-moving attacks from enemy units (while the Eradicator is surprisingly fast given its vast size, most vehicles can still outrun it). Like the MARV, its creators may have known about this and hence provided it with infantry hardpoints to make up for this weakness. Due to the large amount of resources required to construct one of these vehicles, only one can be deployed at a time. The sheer size and power of the unit means that it requires its own special structure in order to be brought onto the battlefield: a Warp Chasm.

Assimilate unit upgrades[edit | edit source]

The Lifeform Recycling System can also allow the Eradicator to assimilate up to three Scrin infantry units. These units provide the Eradicator with a number of new weapons, but cannot revert to their previous state once acquired (it means that they will permanently garrison inside the hexapod). New capabilities also depend on the type of unit absorbed. With the right units garrisoned, the Eradicator Hexapod is considered by many players as a most difficult unit in game to destroyed.

  • Disintegrators: Adds a powerful short-range anti-armor beam weapon.
  • Assimilator: Adds a self repairing module. Additional Assimilators enhance the regeneration rate. There was a glitch that this upgrade wasn't shown on the possible upgrades list in the game.
  • Shock Troopers: Adds anti-armor and anti-aircraft plasma disc weaponry.
  • Ravager: Adds shard launcher, effective against enemy infantries and vehicles.
  • Mastermind/Prodigy: Grants the Teleport Eradicator ability, allowing it to travel instantly from one point to another. Should a Mastermind/Prodigy be assimilated, another Mastermind/Prodigy will be made available to the Foreman. Teleportation is limited to the Eradicator's Sight Radius; it is incapable of long-range jumps. The Eradicator is the only Epic Unit that can assimilate commandos. It is recommended that only one Mastermind/Prodigy may be garrisoned into the Eradicator, more Mastermind/Prodigy garrisoned will be useless.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unit Crusher This unit can crush any non-epic unit by simply walking over them.

Tactics for efficient use[edit | edit source]

An Eradicator Hexapod healed by Corrupters
  • Five or more Corrupters spraying liquid Tiberium sludge on the hexapod allows it to absorb great amounts of damage because of its own heavy armor coupled with the Corrupters' high rate of healing, and can often heal it faster than the enemy can damage it. This technique is preferable to garrisoning an Assimilator hardpoint, which has a much slower healing rate and takes up a slot that could otherwise be used for a more destructive garrison. The AI in particular is very vulnerable to this tactic (even Brutal ones with proper micro and support), as they usually attack the Hexapod instead of its healers, often with futility.
  • Use Shock Troopers and Ravagers in it for best results-it will equip the Eradicator with both anti-ground and anti-air weaponry.
  • A Mastermind or Prodigy outside of the Eradicator can teleport it back to safety across any distance.
  • The Phase Field used on an Eradicator allows it to imperviously crush all units with the exception of other Epic Units. It will still be vulnerable to EMP so enemy Annihilator tripods should be avoided.

Comparison[edit | edit source]

In terms of weapons, the Hexapod is in between the MARV and the Redeemer. It will win against the MARV, but lose against the Redeemer, but its plasma disks spreading over an area make it better against multiple units than the Redeemer, but the MARV is still better in that area because it has the heaviest armor and its attacks are more accurate. It's also in the middle in terms of armor. The 2nd fastest, but unlike the Redeemer it can move while firing. Overall, it's considered to be less useful based on its own merits than the other epic units because of its not so useful special ability to salvage resources from defeating enemies, because it doesn't give very much and the Scrin already have the best economy. When properly supported, however, it can be just as dangerous.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Lifeform Recycling System is comparable to the Hierarchy resource system in Universe at War, which involves the harvesting of materials, organic or otherwise.
  • If a GDI commando uses his jetpack over its head, the GDI commando will die.

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References[edit | edit source]

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