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Escape from CABAL (GDI)

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Escape from CABAL
CABAL "shows his true self" literally.
CABAL "shows his true self" literally.

Dogma Day Afternoon


The Cyborgs are Coming

Part of

Firestorm Crisis




Daedalus complex


GDI Tactical victory. CABAL's insurrection begins






Rescue Dr Boudreau and destroy CABAL's base

Exterminate GDI and Nod

Survive CABAL's attacks


General Paul Cortez
Firestorm Taskforce Commander




Advanced GDI arsenal

Nod weaponry

Nod base

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Prepping blueprints for expansion...
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Escape from CABAL (GDI) is sixth GDI mission in the Tiberian Sun: Firestorm campaign. It takes after the Second Tiberium War, during the period called Firestorm Crisis.

EVA Briefing[edit | edit source]

CABAL has betrayed us all. GDI and perhaps the Earth itself are doomed unless we can fall back and regroup in time to send for help. The first priority is to deliver Dr. Boudreau to the nearby GDI outpost for immediate evacuation. Once safe, she will call for additional reinforcements.


  • First Objective: Escort Dr. Boudreau to the GDI outpost for immediate evacuation.
  • Second Objective: Fortify this outpost and destroy CABAL’s base.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Tacitus fragment was successfully retrieved and taken to what GDI believed to be the CABAL core in Poland. Dr. Boudreau was present to interface the two Tacitus pieces to CABAL. Immediately afterwards, cyborgs reprogrammed by the Nod AI infiltrated the lab and started attacking the GDI security forces. Contact with Boudreau was lost and General Cortez attempted to get EVA to shut CABAL down. CABAL was far more superior to EVA however and laughed at the sounds of humanity's extinction. Cortez immediately tasked the Firestorm Taskforce commander to escort Boudreau to safety at a nearby GDI base and then destroy the CABAL core.

The battle[edit | edit source]

GDI must evacuate their personel from CABAL complex to nearby GDI base for evacuation. Once there, a GDI transport begin evacuating scientists and non combatant personel. Completing the evacuation, reinforcements arrived to support the base for full offensive against CABAL. CABAL in turn begin attacking the base with all new units. CABAL also start harvesting human with this unit and in turn GDI resort to their armored battalion and air support to win the day.

After all offensive neutralized, GDI moved in to eliminate CABAL. And with overwhelming firepower, they destroy CABAL core with impunity.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Dr. Boudreau made her way back to safety. However what GDI thought to be the CABAL Core destroyed was actually that of a relay station, and EVA could not locate CABAL's true core yet. With no other leads, GDI prepared themselves to fight a cyborg insurrection. EVA intercepted a CABAL transmission that the rogue AI was now recruiting humans to be converted into cyborgs. With GDI having their hands full, the Firestorm Taskforce Commander took it upon himself to warn the civilians at Trondheim of CABAL's forced recruitment.

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