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Eva (Generals)

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For other characters named Eva, see Eva.
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Lieutenant Eva was the primary communications officer for the anonymous United States general responsible for the undertaking of numerous missions against the Global Liberation Army throughout the globe. Ever cool under pressure, Eva presented the general in question with his briefings and mission parameters, and also co-operated with other elements of the US armed forces, for example giving clearance to US Air Force aircraft to undertake bombing runs on GLA positions. A key figure in the campaign against the GLA, Lt. Eva was present for such historic events as the attack on Baghdad, on the GLA's Kazakhstan HQ, the re-capturing of the Baikonur Cosmodrome and the defeat of Dr. Thrax.

Lieutenant Eva's post-GLA career path is unknown. Her private life and many details about her are also unknown, shrouded in secrecy due to her role as an intelligence operative. She is presumed to have further moved up the ranks of the US armed forces. Rumours that Eva's role has been usurped by an advanced machine so far remain unfounded.

Lin Zhong was her Chinese equivalent during the war, and the GLA had Kanwar Khan, the only male communications officer of the three.

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