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Sub-level of the Evidence operation
Sub-level of the Evidence operation



Secure the river for the navy

Part of

Second World War


Dark Horseman, southern Russia


Allied victory

  • Nuclear missiles deactivated

RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces

RAR Soviets Logo.png Soviet Union

  • Get engineers to control computers to stop the nuclear missiles
  • Eliminate the Allied team

RAR Allies Logo.png Commander A9
RAR Allies Logo.png Gunter von Esling

RAR Soviets Logo.png Joseph Stalin


Now that the complex has been infiltrated, the launch control centers must be deactivated. Get your engineers to the control centers and deactivate them before the missiles reach their targets.

Enemy technicians can help in locating the control centers if they are kept alive.
- Mission briefing

Evidence is part two of the Suspicion operation in Red Alert 1.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Kosygin told Von Esling that the Dark Horseman base needs to be destroyed before a Nuclear Missile could be launched at any European city in the west. The Allies launched an assault on the Soviet base and captured its command post. However the Soviets managed to launch a few missiles and were en route to destroy London. Field Commander A9 personally took charge of a specialized Allied team to infiltrate the underground complex and deactivate the missiles with the control computers before the time runs out.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Whatever time you have left from the previous mission, is all the time you have to deactivate those missiles and win the mission. You'll start out at an elevator shaft with a large team of rifle infantry, a medic, two spies, and three engineers. The engineers must be protected at all cost. Your first task should be to move a spy directly south to the vehicle bay of the complex. Once you get close to the bottom, two enemy grenadiers will be killed as Tanya will enter the building. She will be instrumental in this mission and should she die, you lose the mission.

Based on the map to the right, getting to the controls which will be shown by a steel floor, would be simple but the challenge will be getting the one on the upper left corner from the map due to the flame tower. You need to move an engineer to the right of the tower and make his way to the controls there to deactivate it.

Once the engineers are at the four control panels, the mission is complete.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Soviet missile landed harmlessly in London's Parliament House but the Allies knew that it was too close a call. They accelerated their invasion of the Soviet Union, finally putting the Soviets on the defensive.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Inside of a Soviet elevator (mission start cutscene)
Nuclear attack on Paris (mission failure cutscene)
Dud missile in London (mission accomplished cutscene)

References[edit | edit source]

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