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Missile launcher

Used by


In service

Third Tiberium War

The FGM-90 is a missile launcher used by GDI Missile squads. Used in conjunction with an optical targeting system, the launcher may be used effectively against all manner of vehicles, be they terrestrial or airborne.

The weapon is a missile launcher fitted with the latest in guidance systems, linked to the user's HUD. The weapon fires a single large warhead, which uses a sophisticated heat seeking guidance system to strike the designated target. The payload is significant, and is capable of punching through thickest armor thanks to its HEAT warhead. However, the size of the missile forces a longer reload time, resulting in lower rate of fire as well as a bulkier, cumbersome design.

The Nod Airburst rocket launcher has a higher fire rate, but a lower firepower.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]