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Flea jump

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- Sickle
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The Soviet designers of the Sickle Anti-Infantry Vehicle of War of the Three Powers paid particular attention to the legs of these robot walkers. As a result the Sickle has the unique ability to leap across great distances, allowing it to ignore cliffs and other obstacles and access to areas that wheeled or tracked vehicles cannot reach. It has proved useful in reconnaissance and in ambushing unsuspecting enemies before they have time to counter. Sickles may even jump right on top of infantry, killing them.

Strict regulations governs the use of this maneuver, commonly termed the "Flea Jump". In response to Sickle crews using this ability for recreation, the Soviet command passed a limitation on its use, ostensibly to reduce damage to fragile equipments from overuse. Thus Sickle crews must wait for a brief interval before using the ability again.