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Fort Union

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Lasers charged! Tracking targets NOW!! There you go, General! I've drawn the line in the sand! Now I dare you to CROSS IT! Come and get me, General! (laughs without opening his mouth)
- Townes in the Generals Challenge.
Fort Union
Fort Union.png

Redwood Shores, California, USA


North America




Under the US military



Appears in

Zero Hour


Generals Challenge

Fort Union is Townes' military headquarters stationed in Redwood Shores of Califorina on the US west coast. His base is filled with Laser defense turrets all around the base, protecting his forces from being shot at or killed by the enemy. Townes' base sits on a Pentagon shape, overlooking the urban and stormy night settings during his challenges against other opponents.

Generals Challenge[edit | edit source]

Townes used Laser weapons to defeat his enemies and has use to Laser tanks, Avengers, Laser defense turrets and a base which included an American airfield, Barracks, War Factory, Cold Fusion Reactors (his main priority) and depending on the difficulty, one or more Particle Cannons in the middle of his base ready to fight. If the player chooses another General, be ready to fight Townes as he prepares to hold off the player's forces with Laser turrets from all five spaces. In the Generals Challenge, the player's base is south of his and prepared for funds plus base establishment as his attacks will go accordingly to plan.

General, our opponent has a stronghold in the middle of the city. His laser defense systems are devastating but requires a lot of power. He may be forced to diverge to one point of defense at a time. Use this to your advantage.
- Lin Zhong, Eva and Kanwar Khan

Townes is fought against other Generals in these numbered challenges for their stages. He doesn't fight the player in stage three only. They include: