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Free trade

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Free Trade
Free Trade icons
Free Trade icons



1 security point


More money is earned from each Prospector drop off.

Free Trade is the Allied economic upgrade, which can be accessed via Top Secret Protocol, after having Surveillance Sweep and Chrono Rift/Chasm/Fissure. In the campaign, its protocol rank was completely changed in order to maximize security points by placing on Rank 3 Column 3 only after having Surgical Strike and Time Bomb and in later patch, it has changed by swapping between Chrono Rift and Cryoshot as cryoshot is more effective.

With this upgrade, resources collected by the ore collector will be increased by 25% and 12.5% for any friendly players. Higher threat levels increase the credits further slightly. Bonus Crates that give money are unaffected. If another one or more friendly player play as Allied, this protocol will stack up to 25% maximum.

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