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Future-Tech Lab
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Research facility

The Future-Tech Lab was a GDI research facility in Munich, Germany. Its research manager is Doctor Emel Ibrahiim.

Storyline development[edit | edit source]

When GDI started to reclaim Earth from Tiberium's scourge, the first Blue zone they successfully reclaimed from its Yellow zone status were the cities around Germany. It was fitting then for GDI to construct a permanent building devoted to Tiberium research and reclamation, which became the Future-Tech Lab in Munich.

Third Tiberium War[edit | edit source]

GDI was forced to evacuate the facility during the Scrin invasion. Lab engineers were loaded into a truck convoy for escort out of the battle zone. In their necessary haste the engineers were forced to leave behind five years worth of critical research data, which could be saved if the commander sends an engineer into the lab to repair the internal communication array and send the data out. The convoy was escorted under fire to the entrance of the city's subway system.

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