Future Warfare

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Future Warfare
Unit Unlocked

Future Tank X-1


3 vs. 1


Fury of the Empire



Sorry to break this to you, but we don't expect you to succeed here. Please don't take it personally. Nevertheless, you are cordially invited to square off against all three of the Allies' commanders, who have worked out a strategy that they say you will never be able to defeat, and we believe the threat is credible. For what it's worth, in the unlikely event of your victory, our finest prototype will be yours.
- Mission briefing

Future Warfare is a side challenge in Commander's Challenge, available only after all main challenges have been completed.

Background[edit | edit source]

The three Allied commanders have invited the FutureTech Commander to a battle, having worked out what they claimed to be an unbeatable strategy. This time, not even FutureTech expects the Commander to succeed, though they promised FutureTech's finest prototype - the Future Tank X-1 - as a reward should the Commander win.

Briefing Information[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of the challenge is most likely a play on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.
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