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GDI Support Crawler

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GDI MCV Mk VII, Support Class[1]
GDI Support Crawler
GDI Support Crawler

GDI Support Class

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Ground units and aircraft

Top Right: A deployed GDI Support Crawler guarded by two Shepard Tanks

History[edit | edit source]

The GDI Support Crawler was designed as a means to enhance and reinforce various GDI forces scattered about the globe, using a variety of high tech electronics to amplify friendly forces or, if the need arose, disrupt enemy forces. Like all modern GDI tech, the Support Crawler uses reverse engineered technology left behind from the Scrin invasion to full effect, the most obvious advancement being the massive vessels high altitude hovering capability.

Support Crawlers are a common sight on the edges of GDI territory, especially in zones where violent Forgotten activity is common. They are often seen surrounded by smaller flying units for safe escort.

In Game[edit | edit source]

Essentially a flying aircraft carrier, the Support Crawler is the fastest and most mobile of all the Crawlers in the GDI arsenal, being able to cross any terrain and wage war in any environment. The Crawler is capable of deploying fighters, bombers, gunships, and, when fully upgraded, capital ships from its extensive launch bays although it must land to open its launch doors. In addition to the GDI air force, Support Crawler captains can also command a variety of utility craft that can repair, wage electronic warfare, or even enhance allied weaponry. In sustained combat theaters, experienced captains can upgrade their Support Crawler with better thrusters for increased mobility and missile systems for defense, and are frequently granted access to new and experimental technologies to support their allies. Though initially unarmed, after reaching Tier 2 the support crawler gains a set of missile launchers, making it capable of lending effective anti-aircraft cover to ground troops when required[1]; when Tier 3 upgrades are completed, the Support Crawler has its repair radius active, even when packed and moving.

A notable Support Crawler, the GSC Kennedy skippered by Christian Pierce, was instrumental in changing the course of the Incursion War as a kamikaze order was issued by Pierce in his evac, knocking the Separatist-hijacked GST Methuselah off its kamikaze route to crash into Chicago, saving the Blue Zone city in the process.

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