Garrisoning (Red Alert)

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Peacekeepers have the advantage against those conscripts.
Lock it down!
- Peacekeeper order to lock down the Structure

Garrisoning is a tactic used in urban combat. As high ground and cover are both effective measures to protect infantry, commanders often choose to send their troops inside buildings whenever possible, vastly increasing their survivability. A trained group of infantry can easily turn a civilian structure into a makeshift fortress, keeping them safe, at least as long as the structure stands. The number of infantry that can be garrisoned inside a building depends vastly upon the building's size.

Third World War and Psychic Dominator Disaster[edit | edit source]

Only basic infantry, such as conscripts and GIs are prepared to garrison buildings, as while their more advanced contemporaries were receiving training in advanced weapons systems, they were being trained to make the most of basic automatic weapons. Also, during the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Yuri's Initiates could carry out this procedure. The Soviets were also capable of building Battle Bunkers, a garrisonable structure that only requires a Construction Yard.

Nevertheless, garrisoning is an extremely useful defensive tactic. While individually weak, a large number of garrisoned soldiers can make short work of almost anything; Apocalypse tanks included.

However, garrisoning is not a flawless strategy. First, units with extremely long range, such as the V3 rocket launcher can strike a garrisoned building from long range, allowing it to be untouchable by the defenders. Also, garrisoning troops are not equipped to deal with airborne threats; given the time, any aircraft can destroy a garrisoned building. Finally, failing any other strategy, even the most tightly defended garrison will fall if enough tanks roll in for engagement. Luckily engineers can repair it.

War of the Three Powers[edit | edit source]

To deal with Garrisons destroy the Structure, use Molotov cocktails, Rush Imperial Warriors or Peacekeepers into it.
Make room for Mother Russia!
- Conscript throwing Molotov Cocktails into garrisons

Combat engineers may create battle bunkers for Soviet troops to gain the advantage against Peacekeepers. All infantry except dogs or bears can garrison structures and the Garrisons will hold between 1 to 10 infantry.

Conscripts will throw Molotov Cocktails into buildings while Peacekeepers and the Imperial warriors must get up close to clear the building. Per every Peacekeeper or Imperial warrior that clear infantry out of the garrison, the trooper dies but clears one infantry. Conscripts must hit the garrison with 2 or more cocktails to clear them.

Also Civilian Buildings can't be repaired and again certain long range destructive units are known to level those Garrisons from a safe distance.

The Soviet Desolator Airstrike and the Conscripts' Molotov Cocktails will clear even garrisoned structures and manned Multigunner turrets.