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Gatling tank (Generals 1)

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For the Yuri's Revenge unit of the same name, see Gattling tank (Yuri's Revenge).
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Gatling Tank

China.gif China
C tank.png Ta Hun Kwai
C nuke.png Tsing Shi Tao
China.gif Leang


Anti-infantry/anti-air tank


Gatling gun

Hit points


Armour type

Anti Air Vehicle Armor

  • $800
  • $700 (Kwai only)
Build time


Produced by

Chinese war factory



Ground attack
  • 15 (18.75 with Chain Guns Upgrade) (Gattling) (vs. ground)
  • 12 (15 with Chain Guns Upgrade) (Small Arms) (vs. air)
  • 400 (continuous fire 1)
  • 200 (continuous fire 2)
  • 100 (continuous fire 3)


Attack range
  • 150 (vs. ground)
  • 350 (vs. air)
Sight range


Gen1 Chainguns Icons.png
Chain Guns

Tends to attack air units first before ground units

Gatling tanks are light tanks deployed by China, armed with a single large Gatling cannon.

Background[edit | edit source]

I have many bullets to spare!
- Gatling Tank

A large Gatling gun mounted on a tracked chassis, this vehicle can fire at ground and air targets. Gatling tanks are very effective versus infantry and decent against light vehicles and aircraft. They are also among China's faster vehicles, and are cheap and easy to produce on the battlefield. This makes the Gatling tank a good scout early on in a battle until MiGs can be produced.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Chaingun upgrade is complete!
- Gatling Tank after being upgraded
Gen1 Chainguns Icons.png Chain Guns Improves the speed of the Gatling Tank's gun, and by extension damage done in a given amount of time. Purchasable at any China War Factory for a cost of $1500.

Game unit[edit | edit source]

Don't stop 'til it's over!
- Gatling Tank in combat

Gatling tanks are great when deployed as anti-infantry and anti-aircraft protection for squads of heavier tanks, such as Battlemasters and Overlords. They are also effective as flexible, mobile anti-air defence for Chinese bases, or against GLA's light Scorpion tank (3-4 Gatlings can beat 1-2 Scorpions). However, they are no match for heavy weapons, and the gun's spin-up time was a weakness when compared to, for example, the GLA's quad cannon or USA's Avenger. A noticeable disadvantage is unlike any other anti-air unit, Gatling Tanks have a short wind up time before they start causing maximum damage. While not really significant if the enemy is crossing over, it becomes a nuisance and a very critical weakness if enemy aircraft or units are moving fast in and out of the Gatling Tank's range.

In choke points, gatling tanks are good gatekeepers against enemy infantry or suicidal units. Being a tank, its armor is superior to enemy equivalents (quad cannons and Avengers). Avoid urban settings as they do not have much punch against fortified buildings.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Selected Quotes[edit | edit source]

Gatling Tank, ready for action
- When selected
Gun barrels spinning
- When selected
Let's get into battle
- When selected
Need a bullet barrage?
- When selected
Keep the cylinders oiled
- When selected
I have many bullets to spare!
- When selected
Of course
- When moving
Okay, here we go
- When moving
Ah, yes
- When moving
Looking for some action
- When moving
Let's get out there
- When moving
Kick it into high gear
- When moving
- When ordered to attack
Push them through
- When ordered to attack
Move those belts
- When ordered to attack
Keep the bullets flowing
- When ordered to attack
Don't stop 'til it's over!
- When ordered to attack
Hit them real hard with bumper
- When ordered to attack
Rapid fire
- When ordered to attack
Spin them up
- When ordered to attack
Run them over, quickly
- When ordered to run over
This might save us some bullets
- When ordered to run over
Of course
- When ordered to run over
Chaingun upgrade is complete!
- Receiving the Chain Guns upgrade

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kwai was originally supposed to have his own Gatling tank variant, the Advanced Gatling Tank, with two gatling guns. However, this vehicle was cut from the game, though it is available in several mods.
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