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Here is the timeline of Command & Conquer: Generals, its expansion pack, Zero Hour, and its sequel, Generals 2.

Pre-GLA War

Events without specified time

  • The Second Korean War, during which Alexis Alexander served as a logistics staffer.[1]
  • China begins the "Modern Way" program, producing new civil liberties and growth in exports.[2]


  • The scientist who would later be known as Dr. Thrax finishes his immunologist training in Jordan and disappear into GLA-controlled ghetto in Cairo.[1]


  • The First Iraq War begins, Malcolm Granger served as a lieutenant during the war, earning his first notices for knocking out four SAM sites in a single afternoon.[1]


  • General Tsing Shi Tao causes the Mudanjiang Disaster, his career is only saved by his considerable talents.[1]


  • General Townes receives an appointment from the United States Army War College to teach his theories.[1]


  • During this period, it is believed that no terrorist action was taken on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea without the involvement or blessing of Prince Kassad.[1]


  • The Taiwan Conflict takes place. General Shin Fai's peacekeeping units prevent it from escalating into a global war.[1]


  • Having found academic life too slow, General Townes return to a battlefield command.[1]


  • General Rodall Juhziz and his organization sink the USS Nelson.[1]
  • The GLA cross into Western China and begin building popular support for an independent state in the region.[2]


  • The first tanks of the Emperor program, sponsored by Chinese General Ta Hun Kwai, roll off the assembly line.[1]
  • The GLA attacks a Chinese military outpost in Yecheng, stealing thousands of rounds of munitions and destroying a nuclear power plant.[2]
  • In order to demonstrate its military strength and show its determination in fighting the GLA, China holds a military parade in Beijing. GLA forces attack the parade and destroy much of Tiananmen Square using a nuclear device, starting the GLA War.[3]

War against the GLA

First phase (Generals)

  • Chinese troops achieved the first victory against the GLA, taking out a bunker holding stolen nuclear materials outside Beijing.[3]
  • The Hong Kong Convention Center, captured by GLA, is destroyed by Chinese forces.[4]
  • The Three Gorges Dam is destroyed, destroying GLA forces in the area, followed by the destruction of a nearby base from Chinese forces.[5]
  • GLA chemical factory bombed by Chinese MiGs in Tibet after a commando raid led by Black Lotus removed GLA anti-air emplacements (Broken Alliances).
  • GLA bases in and around Balykchy destroyed by US and Chinese coalition (Scorched Earth).
  • Railway bridge destroyed by Black Lotus to stop the GLA from transporting troops by train (Dead in Their Tracks).
  • GLA base in Dushanbe destroyed by Chinese forces, marking the PLA's final victory (Nuclear Winter).
  • A dam in the Shymkent DMZ is blown up by GLA forces and destroying Chinese forces in the area (Black Rain).
  • GLA forces in the Almaty region seize 40,000 dollars of UN aid from local civilians (Almaty Supply Raid).
  • GLA sparked massive riots in Astana that caused 40,000 dollars worth in damage to the city (The Astana Riots).
  • GLA forces led by Jarmen Kell destroyed the American Airfield in Turkey (Down From The Skies).
  • GLA forces recapture toxins in the Aral Sea area that had been lost to a US advance (Toxin Trade).
  • A Chinese-backed GLA splinter cell in Kazakhstan destroyed by GLA loyalists (Splinter Cell).
  • GLA fighters take the Baikonur launch facility after defeating US and Chinese garrisons (The Taking Of Baikonur).
  • US forces destroyed a GLA bio-chemical factory in the Mazar Free Fire Zone in Afghanistan during training operations (Silent Dawn).
  • GLA Scud Storm in Baghdad destroyed by US forces (Final Justice).
  • Three downed US pilots rescued from GLA captivity by US forces under Colonel Burton (Treasure Hunt).
  • Retreating US forces rescued from destruction by efforts of nearby Comanche base (Guardian Angel).
  • US forces land on the beaches of the Caspian Sea and destroyed two GLA bases (Stormbringer).
  • US forces destroy GLA bases, responsible for the death of a diplomat who's working for the United Nations (Blue Eagle).
  • GLA forces and Chinese defectors destroyed by US forces (Desperate Union).
  • US and Chinese forces destroy the main GLA base in Akmola (Last Call).

Second phase (Zero Hour)

Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Logo of the restructured GLA

Between GLA War I and GLA War II


  • China signs a treaty with Europe, forming the Eurasian Unity League.

Unspecified time

  • The European Unity League fractures due to unknown reasons.
  • The European Union transforms into a superstate, unifying the militaries of its member states, it begins rapidly expanding and militarizing.[6]
  • The Asia-Pacific Alliance is formed, composed of China, Vietnam, and a unified Korea.[7] The efforts of General Xiao Ri, a veteran of the First GLA War, allowed the initially fragile coalition to solidify into a global superpower.
  • The GLA reorganizes itself.


  • EU officer Agembe routs GLA remnants from Afghanistan with tactical artillery strikes. For this victory, he is promoted to lead a specialized artillery division.

Second GLA War (Generals 2)


  • After a decade of peace and prosperity, the APA finds itself challenged from all sides: an increasingly expansionist EU continues to flex her muscles, while a series of bloody uprisings take place within key EU and APA satellite states, supposedly orchestrated by a reorganized GLA, though eyewitnesses claim that they possess technology far beyond the reach of any normal terrorist organization.[6]
  • The APA dispatches an elite force to infiltrate the latest a most volatile rebellion targeting an EU backed dictator. Its mission is to learn the truth about the GLA, undermine the EU and restore peace to the globe.[6]

Unknown (presumably 2023)

  • World leaders are mere seconds from signing a global treaty and bringing an end to war when a devastating terrorist attack rips through the peace conference, killing all in attendance.[8]


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