Genesis pit

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Genesis pit
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Extreme levels of Tiberium contamination



Appears in

Tiberian Sun: Firestorm


Seeds of Destruction

The Genesis Pit is a large valley, where Tiberium contamination has reached critical levels causing mutation and rapid evolution of various Tiberian wildlife. CABAL along with Kane use it to observe the way Tiberium transforms terran life.

Storyline summary[edit | edit source]

Despite the horrific nature of the denizens of the pit, civilian enclaves were located nearby, and considered themselves relatively safe. First, the bridges leading out of the pit had been destroyed, and second, there was a strong GDI presence in the area.

However, shortly after reactivation, CABAL suggested a Nod excursion to disrupt the GDI activity. A Nod Commander was dispatched, along with a small group of toxin soldiers, cyborgs, and engineers. Stealth being paramount, the engineers quickly and quietly repaired the bridges, while the toxin soldiers gathered the one thing that would ensure the creatures would encroach upon GDI territory: live bait. After drugging several small villages into compliances, the soldiers sent their unfortunate civilian assistants into the pit, and then back to the mainland. The chemicals used by the troopers had a side effect of acute blood poisoning, killing the civilians. However, their role in the plan was done.

The Visceroids, Fiends, and Floaters ended up rampaging, bringing about the destruction of civilian settlements and a moderately-sized GDI base and all of the personnel in it. However, a GDI commander was immediately dispatched to the area, and managed to hold the line long enough to ensure the evacuation of some civilian survivors.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Genesis, aside from being another Biblical reference, is usually taken to mean the beginning of life. The Genesis Pit may also be a reference to the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, in which the Genesis Device, capable of creating new life, is a major plot point. The term "Genesis Pit" may be a homage to the animated series Robotech, in which the Invid used Genesis Pits to experiment with evolution on Earth in the interest of finding the ultimate form to which they can transcend.
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