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Tanya and Natasha overlooking the city
Tanya and Natasha overlooking the city

Southern Iberian Peninsula






Port city
Naval base


EotRS logo.png Empire of the Rising Sun (occupied)
Allies RA3.png Allied Nations

Appears in

Red Alert 3


Enemy of Our Enemy

Gibraltar is a city at the southern tip of Iberia. It is strategically important due to the narrow trait of Gibraltar which separated Europe from North Africa, and linked the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It is administered by the United Kingdom. An Allied naval base is located here.

During the War of the Three Powers, Gibraltar was one of the main targets for the Empire of the Rising Sun in its campaign to take control of the Atlantic. Since both the Soviets and the Allies were affected by the Empire's naval blockade, the two powers declared a ceasefire and joined forces to oust the Imperial Navy from the city.

History[edit | edit source]

Third World War (Red Alert 3)[edit | edit source]

Main article: Enemy of Our Enemy

The Allied Agent Tanya and the Soviet sniper Natasha, under the command of an Allied Commander and Nikolai Moskvin, respectively, entered the city by water and destroyed many vital Imperial facilities in the city, clearing the way for MCV reinforcements.

A small fleet of Allied assault destroyers and Soviet Akula submarines were held captive by the Imperial forces, but the joint Allied and Soviet strike team freed the captured ships and mounted a full scale assault on the main Imperial base, commanded by Kenji Tenzai, who was later reinforced by Naomi Shirada's naval forces. However, the Allied and Soviet forces eventually emerged victorious, reclaiming Gibraltar and removing the Empire's influence in the area.

Areas of interests[edit | edit source]

  • Allied base: A land based base built to support the ground attack on the Imperial base.
  • Soviet base: A naval base built to counter the Imperial navy.
  • Hangers: These hangers house a large amount of landed Jet Tengus, they are used for staging air raids on various surrounding nations. Destroyed by the commandos during the initial stage of the battle.
  • Captured fleet: Five Assault destroyers and four Akula subs were held here, they were eventually freed by the joint strike team.
  • The hill: A King Oni unit was patrolling the hill, but was destroyed by the commandos.
  • Main Imperial base: The main Imperial base, guarded by a large amount of Striker VX units and Tsunami tanks. It was destroyed by assault destroyers during the Allies attempt to retake Gibraltar.

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