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Guardians of the East campaign

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RA2 Gameicon.png
Guardians of the East

European Theater


African Warlords

Part of

Third World War




Eastern Asia


Soviet bases in eastern Asia destroyed


RA2 Flag Korea.png Republic of Korea

RA2 Flag Russia.png Soviet Union


Destroy the Soviet bases

Destroy the Allied bases


Full Allied arsenal

Full Soviet arsenal

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The Republic of Korea must thwart Soviet aggression in South East Asia. The campaign culminates with the Korean forces invading the snowy shoreline of eastern Russia. Difficulty is MODERATE.
- Campaign briefing

This is the third cooperative campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Mission 1[edit | edit source]

Destroy all Soviet forces along the Sea of Japan.
- Mission briefing

Japan: The Korean government remained neutral during the first few months of the war until a Korean reporter learned that the Soviets had used Psychic Technology to mind control key members of the Korean leadership. When the story broke Korea went to war, and her commanders were to fight in almost every country in the Far East. The first attack took the Soviets almost completely by surprise as the Koreans fought along the coast of Japan for naval supremacy of the Pacific.
- Commander's Log

Mission 2[edit | edit source]

Defend Vietnam from Soviet aggression.
- Mission briefing

Vietnam: As the Soviets continued to spread across South East Asia, consuming the small countries that stood in their way, the Korean Army dispatched two divisions to Vietnam to defend it against a major Soviet strike force. The Korean commanders were outnumbered almost two to one and knew that only superior leadership would save them from certain defeat.
- Commander's Log

Mission 3[edit | edit source]

Your home nation, Korea is threatened, defend your lands at any cost.
- Mission briefing

Republic of Korea: Three weeks after declaring war on the Soviet Union, Korean commanders faced an invasion of their own country by a secret Soviet division hidden from their intelligence network by powerful psychic technology. Using what forces remained in country the Koreans marched to their own border and prepared to make the Soviets pay for every inch of ground.
- Commander's Log

Mission 4[edit | edit source]

Invade the frozen wastes of eastern Russia and destroy the Soviet bases.
- Mission briefing

Harbin, Soviet Union: With most of the Soviet forces in the Far East neutralized or destroyed the Korean High Command ordered their generals to take the fight to the enemy and Korean forces invaded the frozen wastes of Eastern Russia.
- Commander's Log

Mission 5[edit | edit source]

Complete your invasion of Siberia and destroy the Soviet supply bases that fuel war effort.
- Mission briefing

Siberia, Soviet Union: Despite massive losses to battle and the bitter cold, the Korean invasion force was not deterred and moved quickly against the oil fields of eastern Siberia. With the invasion in America going poorly for the Soviets and the European Allies attacking into Russia herself, the Koreans had a unique opportunity to deliver a crippling blow to the Soviet war machine. Korea had a chance to make a huge difference in the overall war.
- Commander's Log

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