Hallucinogenic grenade

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CNCTW Hallucinogenic Grenades Cameo.png

Hallucinogenic grenades are chemical grenades utilizing an unknown compound that are currently being used by Nod Confessors leading Militia squads. They can make any enemy soldier panic and hallucinate that his allies are his enemies, and they will in turn attack their former allies, or even on occasion, themselves. Even Zone Troopers are affected, which implies that the grenades are capable of either penetrating armor, or getting through any atmosphere filtration system in effect. Exact mechanisms are currently unknown. Confessors throw grenades rather slowly unlike GDI grenadiers. With a good eye a commander can see a confessor drawing out a grenade and pulling it's pin before throwing it, this gives the commander a small window of opportunity to manually direct available forces to attack the squadron with the confessor to prevent him from throwing the grenade.

It is speculated that these grenades might be related to the weapons utilized by Toxin Soldiers against civilians during the Firestorm Crisis.

Care must be taken when using them since the gas affects anyone who comes into contact with it, friend or foe. This has often led to unfortunate incidents in the past, where commanders lost control of militants with confessors who used the grenades at too close ranges and started attacking each other in panic.