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Partial Tiberium contamination


Yellow Zone (2047)

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Tiberian Sun
Zero Hour
Tiberium Wars


Tiberian Sun

Zero Hour

Hamburg (German pronunciation: [ˈhambʊʁk]; Low Saxon: Hamborg, ['haˑmbɔːχ]) was the second largest city in Germany and with Hamburg Harbour, its principal port, also the second largest port city in Europe.

Tiberium universe[edit | edit source]

During the Second Tiberium War, a Nod chemical missile plant was located near this city. It was one of the sites from which chemical missiles that destroyed much of Europe were launched.

Hamburg was thankfully salvaged following the destruction of the plant and was rebuilt by GDI as a Yellow zone.

Generals universe[edit | edit source]

Hamburg was the last remaining GLA stronghold in world. The city was occupied after the GLA drove out the U.S. from Europe, with their occupation, the GLA managed to acquire high-tech US weaponry. The Chinese Commander was tasked to drive out the GLA from the City using any means necessary.

After the GLA defeat, Europe and China strengthened ties, establishing the Eurasian Unity League and abolishing NATO. The remaining GLA leaders were tried and executed for crimes against humanity.

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