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Hammerfest, Norway




Partial Tiberium contamination


Military base



Appears in

Tiberian Sun


Capture Hammerfest Base
A New Beginning


Houses the Firestorm barrier network

Located near the Norwegian city of Hammerfest, the GDI military base bearing the same name was one of their most important command centres. It boasted one of their most advanced defense systems, the Firestorm barrier.

The base was designed, first and foremost, to be a fortress, unassailable on land as the Philadelphia was unassailable in space. This was to be accomplished through the use of an extensive network of Firestorm Defense generators, which would enclose the base within an invincible energy field. This was the base's primary line of defense, backed up with small numbers of turrets.

After its construction, the Hammerfest base was assigned to researching the potential of the powerful disruptor technology. However, Nod forces managed to breach GDI's European perimeter, and with the assistance of Michael's brother Jake McNeil, managed to capture the base. Fortunately, GDI forces managed to recapture the base, but not before Nod troopers could relocate the sonic crystals, essential for the Disruptors to work. After that event, Hammerfest was no longer considered invulnerable by any means.

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