Hampton Roads Shipyard

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Hampton Roads Shipyard

Blue Zone B-2, Eastern Seaboard of the United States


North America


No Tiberium contamination. Naval shipyard


Blue Zone (2047)



Appears in

Tiberium Wars


Skirmish at Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads is the name of both a body of water and the region of land areas which surround it in southeastern Virginia in the USA. Hampton Roads is notable for its year-round ice-free harbor, one of the largest natural harbors in the world. This allowed it to be used as a port for both civilian purposes and the US (later GDI) military. It was a vital strategic location in the Northeastern Theatre during the Third Tiberium War.

During the Third Tiberium War, Hampton Roads was the largest naval base in North America and the home of the GDS Pathe, a GDI aircraft carrier. During the initial Nod Assault on Blue Zone B-2, they made a point of establishing air superiority. With Langley and Andrews AFBs taken over or destroyed, the Pathe was the last source of GDI air support in the region, something Nod wanted to end. To this end, Hampton Roads was infiltrated by a Nod Commando, who destroyed the Pathe. Later reinforced by numerous squads of fanatics and four Venom patrol craft, the Commando demolished the GDI port authority buildings, cutting off their reinforcements and allowing Nod to land their primary assault force.

When GDI retaliation began, Hampton Roads was once again under assault by a Commando, this time sent by GDI. Ironically, the commando was tasked with destroying Nod's air superiority. After the destruction of the Vertigo bombers and their air tower, GDI was able to send in a number of battleships to finish off the Nod base, retaking Hampton Roads. Certain reports claim that the Commando reclaimed the remainder of Hampton Roads by himself, but whether this is true or simply GDI propaganda is hard to tell. Considering that there were few Nod units in the area that were not light vehicles or militants, it is very possible that he could have retaken Hampton Roads alone.

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