Harbor Reclamation

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Harbor Reclamation

Wasteland (Retaliation)


In the Nick of Time

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Second World War




Allied victory


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General Stavros has elected you to lead an attack on a strategic harbor the Soviets have overrun and fortified.

You will have to move quickly, for the minute that the Soviets realize that you are in the area, all hell will break loose.

The nearby town is somewhat sympathetic to the Soviet cause so you may want to keep close watch on them. If any of them try to inform the Soviets of your presence, you have permission to terminate the informants.
- Mission briefing

Harbor Reclamation is the first Allied mission in the Aftermath expansion.[1]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You start near the lower left of the map with a single MCV. It is advisable to quickly build up to a power plant and barracks, followed by at least one rifle solider. Send your infantry east to intercept and kill a hostile civilian; should this civilian reach your base, the Soviets will be alerted to your presence and you will face heavier attacks than you would otherwise. Continue building up your base as you see fit. When you get the chance to do so, load 2-3 Thieves and a Spy into an APC and send them east past the civilian town, then north where you will find a minimally guarded Soviet base (NOTE: The Soviet base has 3-4 flame towers guarding the dome and refineries, these have to be destroyed or your thieves and spy will most likely die).

Use the APC to kill the attack dogs, then send the thieves into the refinery and the spy into the radar dome. Infiltrating the radar dome will allow you to see the movement of all Soviet units and reveal much of the map (you do not get a GPS satellite in this mission). You should also be able to see a few Soviet airfields to the northeast which you can destroy with a few Chronotanks to end the nuisance of enemy air attacks. Use destroyers to bombard the base to your north, while using a squadron of longbows to hunt down the enemy ore trucks. With the ore trucks destroyed, it will only be a matter of time before the enemy runs out of money. The two southern Soviet bases can be dealt with fairly easily, though the large base to the north is heavily fortified with Tesla Coils and concrete walls. Your best bet will be to attack from the air with Longbows. There are SAM sites, so destroy those first, then the Tesla Coils. Once the remaining Soviet forces are eliminated, the mission ends.

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References[edit | edit source]

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