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GDI's next mission briefing against Nod.
GDI's next mission briefing against Nod.

North America






Brotherhood of Nod
Global Defense Initiative
United States of America

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun


Secure Crash Site
Defend Crash Site

Hobbs is a city in New Mexico, United States of America. It was the center of attention between both Nod and GDI during the Second Tiberium War.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun[edit | edit source]

A strange alien ship crashed here in New Mexico, just near the city of Hobbs and the Brotherhood of Nod suggested a drastic plan to deny GDI's immediate access to the site. Despite the heavy fight, both McNeil and General Solomon captured both the tech center and secured the crash site from Nod forces. They have found all of the artefacts that Nod was planning to steal. Later on, Nod tried another unsuccessful attack on GDI in the same area but were repelled by the rallied GDI forces defending the alien ship.

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