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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Convention Centre
The Hong Kong Convention Centre

Hong Kong Island, south-east coast of China




Island city harbor


Major financial center


China.gif China

Appears in



Hong Kong Crisis

Hong Kong (香港) is a major port in the south of China and one of the world's leading financial centres, renowned for its many skyscrapers, natural setting and cosmopolitanism.

History[edit | edit source]

The area known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was gradually ceded to Britain in a series of humiliating treaties following China's defeat in two wars - the first to fall into British hands was Hong Kong Island in 1842. In the first half of the 20th century, Hong Kong was transformed from a sleepy fishing village to a major trading post of the British Empire. Hong Kong recovered quickly from Japanese invasion and occupation during the Second World War, and its population increased dramatically as a result of an influx of migrants and refugees from Mainland China.

In the post-war era Hong Kong rapidly industrialised, becoming by the 1990s one of the world's leading commercial city, one of the "Four Asian Tigers" with one of the highest standard of living anywhere in Asia. In 1997, Hong Kong was handed over to the People's Republic of China, whose government designated the city a "Special Administrative Region", thus giving Hong Kong a substantial level of autonomy.

War against the GLA[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hong Kong Crisis

During the War against the GLA, Hong Kong became a battlefield when the local GLA terror cell took over the city.

China established her base quickly as she could do it as Red Guards were unloaded by train and the aftermath of a bridge detonation, losing the very best of the Chinese arsenal. Until then, the GLA terror cell started attacking the Chinese base as of the mission which an Arms Dealer in the north of the area has a Toxin Tractor complex, which the Chinese Command said the toxins are a threat to infantry while the Chinese sent tanks to attack up there with a few captures of Tech buildings by Red Guards.

After that and loading the tanks to the ferry with a few parts of the mission to be doing, the ferry arrives at the dock after a ride on the sea, dropping off Chinese tanks there and then China attacks the main base with the GLA buildings down and then the Convention Centre with the parking structures behind it and finally, the destruction stopped the terrorist threat.

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