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Hover Technology, often referred to as HoverTech, is a technology developed by GDI. It allows units to float in the air, which provides the unit with all terrain capability. Details into the technology have yet to be declassified, although it is speculated to be different from the VTOL technology of the Orcas. HoverTech was also the name of the initiative by GDI to develop hover capable craft during the Second Tiberium War.

Making its appearance during the Second Tiberium War, the first unit using a hover chassis was the Hover MLRS. Hunter-Seeker droids and Limpet drones also used the technology. While initially successful, the hover technology's major flaws soon became apparent. The hover units were all too susceptible to ion storm interference, and would shut down, rendering the unit stationary. Also, the hover chassis production costs were too high. Following the Firestorm Crisis, the HoverTech project was canceled, and many hover units were phased out. However, before GDI's military evaluations, the Slingshot unit was developed. By the Third Tiberium War, hover technology was put into civilian use, notably in camera drones.

Despite ending the HoverTech program, GDI has returned to using hover chassis in at least two units. The Slingshot, the last unit from GDI's previous research, has been put into full production. The Shatterer is also currently in production, with a variant developed specifically for ZOCOM. These new hover units are less susceptible to ion storm interference. Also, unlike previous units, the new hover units are, strangely, unable to cross bodies of water.

The Scrin make use of hover technology in several of their units, such as the Buzzers, Seekers, and Devourer Tanks.