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High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee)

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Usa.gif United States
A laser.png Townes
A air.png Malcolm Granger
A super.png Alexis Alexander
Flag of the United Nations.pngUnited Nations

  • Scout
  • Infantry transport
  • Anti-personnel weapons platform
  • Fast attack

Machine gun
TOW missile (upgrade)
5x Gun Ports

Hit points


Armour type

Humvee Armor

Transport slots

5 infantry

  • $700
  • $850 (Alexander)
Build time


Produced by

USA War Factory



Ground attack
  • 10 (gun) (Comanche Vulcan)
  • 30 (TOW) (Explosion) (vs. ground)
  • 50 (TOW) (Explosion) (vs. air)
  • 200 (gun)
  • 1000 (TOW)

60 (30 if badly damaged)

Attack range
  • 150 (gun)
  • 150 (TOW ground)
  • 320 (TOW air)
Sight range


Gen1 Scout Drone Icons.png
Scout Drone
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons.png
Battle Drone
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons.png
Hellfire Drone
Gen1 TOW Missile Icons.png
TOW Missile
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training
  • Strong vs infantry
  • Weak vs tanks
Buckle up!
- Humvee, leaving the War Factory

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, known colloquially as the Humvee, was a lightly-armored United States infantry transport and scout vehicle. It was also deployed by the United Nations for humanitarian aid missions.


Though first deployed in the 1990s, the Humvee was still one of the most reliable and versatile assets in the US Army by the time of the War against the GLA. The Humvee was armed with a machine gun, and was capable of being upgraded with a TOW Missile. It could also transport up to five infantry units, who were able to fire their weapons from inside the Humvee. While not as fast as the GLA Technical, the Humvee was a fast all-round multi-purpose vehicle that could provide anti-infantry support for US tank divisions, scout, transport infantry, and act as a hit-and-run vehicle to harass the enemy. With the TOW Missile, the Humvee could also serve as a basic and low-cost anti-aircraft unit.

Game unit


Although lightly armoured, the Humvee is a very fast vehicle and could easily escape from enemies it could not overpower, such as tanks. The ability to have all five loaded infantrymen attack from inside the Humvee, alongisde the Humvee's own weapons, meant even a small force of loaded Humvees could be a significant threat.

Inexpensive and fast, it quickly became popular as a weapon to surprise the enemy early on in a conflict. Due the ability to mix and match infantry, along with the varied drone upgrades, a small force of Humvees could be equipped to tackle anything. Loaded with Missile Defenders, and upgraded with the TOW Missile, Humvees were very dangerous against enemy armor, using the superior range of Missile Defenders and the superior speed of Humvees to pick off enemy tanks while remaining just outside of cannon range. This ability was enhanced by the range bonus of the Search and Destroy battle plan. These Humvees could also be used to cut off enemy supply lines by destroying collector units, bringing the opposing general's production to a halt if the Humvees were not stopped.

A Humvee armed with TOW Missile, Battle Drone while loaded with 2 Pathfinders and 3 Missile defenders is powerful enough to completely destroy a medium base.


In spite of the aforementioned, the Humvee is vulnerable to heavy weapons, being only a light vehicle. When faced with enemy armor, it fares poorly, having to rely on superior speed to either retreat or outrun. Even with Missile Defenders inside, the Humvee is still easily destroyed if not carefully micromanaged and kept out of cannon range. It is also very vulnerable to anti-vehicle weapons and, before upgrades and without Missile Defenders inside, it cannot attack enemy aircraft.

In addition, when the Humvee was destroyed, all passengers would be immediately killed. This problem was accentuated by the slow unloading speed: one at a time, as opposed to the GLA Technical's simultaneous unloading of all its passengers. This meant that a quick evacuation before the destruction of the Humvee was difficult.


Every ground vehicle in the US Army, with the exception of the Construction Dozer and Sentry Drone, can be upgraded with drones. While three different types of drone are available, only one of these drones can be deployed on the chosen vehicle at any one time. These three drones are vulnerable to anti-air weapons, and can be upgraded with Drone Armor to increase survivability.


Chew on these!
- Humvee
Gen1 Scout Drone Icons.png
Scout Drone The Scout Drone feeds battlefield information to the vehicle crew, increasing their sight range and revealing nearby stealthed units. Costs $100.
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons.png
Battle Drone The Battle Drone is armed with a small machine gun to defeat enemy infantry, and could also repair its parent vehicle. Costs $300.
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons.png
Hellfire Drone The Hellfire Drone, available in Zero Hour, fires a small but surprisingly powerful missile against enemy ground units. Costs $500.


Hey, check out our new TOW Missile!
- Humvee receiving the TOW Missile upgrade
Gen1 TOW Missile Icons.png
TOW Missile Adds a TOW Missile Launcher to the Humvee, giving it additional firepower against enemy vehicles as well as the ability to attack enemy aircraft. Purchasable at any American War Factory for $1200.
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training Allows Humvees, along with all other USA units, to gain veterancy at twice the usual rate. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $800.


  • The Humvee was versatile enough that the US Army created a modified version known as the Ambulance, which carried medical supplies and healed friendly infantry.
  • The United Nations made extensive use of the Humvee, using a modified variant armed with a less powerful M60 Machine Gun in their operations as support and protection for UN humanitarian personnel. These UN Humvees appeared in Almaty Supply Raid where they were used to escort and protect the convoys carrying relief supplies to the people of Almaty, against the wishes of the GLA. The UN Humvees also appeared in Operation Blue Eagle, where in the opening scene they are seen escorting the UN diplomat to the peace conference in Kabara City, only to be blown up by Terrorists driving civilian cars rigged with explosives


Selected Quotes

Buckle up!
- When emerging from the War Factory
Humvee here!
- When selected
How about a lift?
- When selected
Four wheeling!
- When selected
Hey, little off-roading?
- When selected
Alright, let's have some fun!
- When selected
Got room for five!
- When selected
Come on in!
- When selected
Oh yeah!
- When moving
Let's go for it!
- When moving
- When moving
Looks like a good run!
- When moving
Breaking loose!
- When moving
- When moving
Let's go!
- When moving
Whoo, be careful now!
- When moving
Rip it up!
- When ordered to attack
You want some of this?!
- When ordered to attack
Hah, this should be fun!
- When ordered to attack
Keep the change.
- When ordered to attack
Chew on these!
- When ordered to attack
Hahaha, come on!
- When ordered to attack
Loading TOW!
- When ordered to attack with the TOW missile
Missiles should do the trick!
- When ordered to attack with the TOW missile
Hit and run!
- When ordered to attack with the TOW missile
Haha, hahaha!
- When ordered to attack with the TOW missile
Tooled them!
- When ordered to attack with the TOW missile
Run them over!
- When ordered to run over
Hey, they're in the way!
- When ordered to run over
Couple extra dents won't matter.
- When ordered to run over
Why are they just standing there!?
- When ordered to run over
Okay, everybody out.
- When unloading infantry
That's it, joyride's over.
- When unloading infantry
It's been real!
- When unloading infantry
- When unloading infantry
The Battle Drone might come in handy.
- When deploying a Battle Drone
I could use a sidekick.
- When deploying a Battle Drone
Let's get a Battle Drone in the works.
- When deploying a Battle Drone
Hey, check out our new TOW Missile!
- When the TOW Missile upgrade is completed

Cut Laser Humvee quotes

I always wanted a laser gun!
- When selected
These lasers can shoot anything down!
- When selected
I love this new technology!
- When selected
Burn a hole through 'em!
- When ordered to attack land units
Time for some laser shootin'!
- When ordered to attack land units
There in the sky!
- When ordered to attack air units
The enemy's above us!
- When ordered to attack air units
We'll bring 'em down!
- When ordered to attack air units


  • In a real life situation, it is possible for passengers of a Humvee to fire their weapons from inside the vehicle. However, this is discouraged - passengers are advised to disembark before engaging their enemy. In particular, firing a missile launcher from inside the Humvee would be very dangerous, as the backblast in such a confined space could easily injure fellow passengers.
  • The UN Humvee, when destroyed uses the wreckage of the original Humvee.
  • According to the Zero Hour sound files, General Townes was supposed to have his own version of the Humvee called the Laser Humvee armed with a Laser weapon. It was likely cut due to time constraints as no models or textures exist of this unit.
  • The Humvee also has the unique distinction of showing up 3 times as separate units, all within the USA arsenal. The standard Humvee, the ambulance, and the Avenger are all essentially the same vehicle with different loadouts.

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