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Ice Breaker

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Ice Breaker
Unit Unlocked
RA3U Cryo Legionaires Icons.png
Cryo Legionnaire

1 vs 1


S.H.R.I.N.K. Zone


Superb Commander

Side Unlocked


Ice Breaker is the forty-second mission in both Commander's Challenge and side challenges. Lydia Winters, who was defeated in the Shrink Zone battle has another idea up her sleeve. The Futuretech Commander is bound to be ready after holding off Cryocopters at his base, but turns out that Cryo Legionnaires are attacking his base again using frozen guns and freezing his forces. Kelly Weaver says that the Cryo Legionnaire replaced the Third World War's Chrono Legionnaire and orders the Commander to use any of his, not frozen to attack Lydia's army and her Allied garrison in the area. This mission takes place after Shrink Zone and before Superb Commander.

Background[edit | edit source]

In this challenge mission, Lydia Winters is not pleased about her Allied satellite becoming too unstable. The Futuretech Commander came to the area of Iceland, which it once served the Von Esling Airbase under the country's command to the Allies during the last war.

Kelly Weaver said unfortunately, things took the turn for the worst when Soviet forces attacked the Allied air force and General Krukov was killed by an act of betrayal from Premier Cherdenko. FutureTech manages to cross the snow and waterholes to reach Lydia's base in order to defeat her. Lydia commends both of them here to be victorious despite the Icelandic people making a recovery effort from the last war's loss of the Von Esling Airbase which had a perceived betrayal by the Soviets and Giles Price killed at the hands of the Red Army which crossed the Atlantic Ocean via naval and air forces under Oleg Vodnik.

Briefing Information[edit | edit source]