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Illegal Data Transfer

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Illegal Data Transfer

Capture Jake McNeil


A New Beginning

Part of

Second Tiberium War


December 2030




Nod obtains GDI firing codes for the ion cannon network.





Obtain the GDI firing codes for the ion cannon

Eliminate the Nod team


Anton Slavik



Small squad of light infantry and rocket infantry
Chameleon spy

Base garrison
Infantry outposts
Three Comm centers

Illegal Data Transfer is a Nod side mission before the final operation in the Nod campaign of the Second Tiberium War.

CABAL Briefing[edit | edit source]

GDI has stored the firing codes for its Ion Cannon in three separate Comm centers. The centers are isolated in a valley and poorly guarded. We do not have the forces available for a full-scale assault. However, a small infiltration team led by the Chameleon Spy has a reasonable chance of success. Once the Spy has the codes, he must be evacuated safely.

  • Objective One: Infiltrate the Comm centers and steal the codes.
  • Objective Two: Evacuate the Chameleon Spy.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jake McNeil had just been persuaded into the Nod cause in their plans to achieve Kane's vision. But before Slavik launched his final assault on Hammerfest Base, CABAL suggested to obtain the firing codes to GDI's ion cannon network to avoid the "indignations of the past". The codes were housed in three separate comm centers for security measures by GDI, something which CABAL finds it to be "paranoid".

The operation[edit | edit source]

Since all the Nod forces in Europe would be used for the final mission, Slavik could not launch a full-scale assault to obtain the codes. Instead he sent a small squad of infantry to support the chameleon spy in its infiltration. The small squad soon came up to a heavily defended checkpoint that led to the first comm center. The squad stealthily bypassed the defences and destroyed a weak cliffside at the back of the comm building. While the spy infiltrated the center, the Nod infantry squad engaged in minor skirmishes with GDI infantry patrols and took out any deployed Mobile Sensor Arrays along the way. The spy retrieved the first code and located the second and third comm centers.

By this time the Nod squad were weakened by the minor skirmishes and GDI was alerted to the intruders. The squad and the spy bypassed the main GDI base and obtained the last of the codes before retreating to the evacuation point and were picked up by a subterranean APC.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The firing codes were used to hack into GDI's ion cannon network. However Nod would have to wait for GDI to fire their superweapon once before it could be overridden to be used for Nod. With the final preparations complete, Slavik finally launched his final assault on GDI in the name of Kane.

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