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Incirlik Air Base

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Incirlik Air Base

Adana, Turkey


Minor Asia


Cold Climate


Major airbase


Usa.gif United States

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Incirlik Air Base

Incirlik Air Base is a military airfield operated by the US Army. It is located in Adana, Turkey.

Background[edit | edit source]

As part of its goal to promote global security, the United States was given permission by the Turkish government to construct an airbase near Adana. The airbase would play a vital role for the US air force to respond to any military situation arising in the Middle East region. The airbase is primarily defended by whatever aircraft is stationed there, although it does have beneficial ground support.

War against the GLA[edit | edit source]

Incirlik Airbase did not play much of a role in the initial war against the GLA, primarily because the Global Liberation Army was not deemed to be a significant threat to American interests. Also the GLA at the time was suffering at the hands of the Chinese military. On the other hand, the revitalised terrorist organisation understood the airbase to be a major threat to their plans in Kazakhstan.

The GLA launched an operation to destroy the airbase utterly, and deny the US airforce a forward base in the Middle East. While the US forces initially had the upper hand, GLA anti-air destroyed most of the stationed aircraft, and the ground forces had overrun the airbase. It also proved that American air superiority was not enough to defeat the GLA alone.

Military strength[edit | edit source]

The Americans' Airfield had consisted a lot of Aircraft to attack the superior GLA base in the hills and the Technical pick-up trucks at the beginning. The aircraft were B-52 bombers and Raptors to weaken the GLA forces. It's unknown if the American Commander had Stealth Fighters in his air force, but with some Chinooks to collect supplies and also unknown were the Comanches.

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