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Inferno Cannon
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Artillery vehicle


Artillery cannon (napalm shells)

Hit points


Armour type

Tank Armor



Build time


Produced by

Chinese war factory


Propaganda center



Ground attack

30 (Explosion)




30 (ZH 1.03-1.04 China only)

Attack range

300 (minimum 50)

Sight range


Gen1 Artillery Training Icons.jpg
Artillery Training
Gen1 Black Napalm Icons.png
Black Napalm

Creates a large firestorm when striking a target in groups of four simultaneously

Let's start an inferno.
- Inferno Cannon rolling out of the War Factory

Inferno Cannons are China's basic artillery units that fire incendiary shells, and can create firestorms in large groups.

Background[edit | edit source]

Let the fireballs fly!
- Inferno Cannon firing

Inferno Cannons are self-propelled howitzers, firing napalm shells that explode and burn on impact, doing great damage to softer targets. Inferno Cannons are designed to operate in groups of three or four. If that many Inferno cannons fire at the same target, simultaneously, they can create a deadly Fire Storm. At least 6 are needed in order to create a firestorm when force-firing on the ground, however.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Let's light them up!
- Inferno Cannon about to burn enemies

Base[edit | edit source]

Gen1 Black Napalm Icons.png Black Napalm Flame weapons do 25% more damage. Purchasable from the War Factory for $2500.

Promotion[edit | edit source]

Gen1 Artillery Training Icons.jpg Artillery Training Inferno Cannons are built as veterans. Purchasable at the promotion menu of all Chinese generals besides Tank General with a rank of 1 star.

Tactics/Counters[edit | edit source]

Inferno Cannon's loaded!
- Inferno Cannon awaiting orders

Compared to the Nuke cannon, Inferno Cannons are somewhat lacking in firepower, and only really effective in groups. However, they are also cheaper and easier to maneuver on the battlefield (albeit slower compared to the GLA Rocket Buggies, being tracked), and require only short time to deploy (automatically) before firing.

Inferno Cannons suffer the usual weaknesses of artillery units: they are slow moving, have poor armour and are vulnerable to air threats. Therefore, protection from other units is essential. Their range is comparable to that of Rocket Buggies, but they aren't affected by height differences with the target. They are superb at taking out enemy buildings, but cannot hit vehicles (especially fast ones) without micromanagement on the commander's part. If they hit infantry, they are highly effective. In large numbers, the firestorm created by their attack is devastating against all ground targets.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Selected Quotes[edit | edit source]

Let's start an inferno.
- When emerging from the War Factory
Inferno cannons loaded.
- When selected
(maniacal laughter)
- When selected
Let's rain some fire.
- When selected
Everything will go up in smoke.
- When selected
When do I get started?
- When selected
Yes, definitely.
- When moving
Getting there.
- When moving
This will do.
- When moving
Let's get moving.
- When moving
- When moving
That's a good start.
- When moving
Engulf them in flames!
- When ordered to attack
This will be good!
- When ordered to attack
Let's light them up!
- When ordered to attack
Fire from sky!
- When ordered to attack
Let the fireballs fly!
- When ordered to attack
No fire needed here.
- When ordered to run over
Why waste the flameballs?
- When ordered to run over
Easy does it.
- When ordered to run over

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