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Ion cannon (Rivals)

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For other uses, see Ion Cannon.
CNCRiv Ion Cannon.png
Ion Cannon
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Outside context blast

Tech level

26, rare



Produced by

James Solomon

Ground attack

6000 against infantry, vehicles
4000 against structures
1000 against harvesters[1]


30 seconds


Damage to adjacent tiles gradually decreases.

The Ion Cannon is a rare Nod support power in Command & Conquer: Rivals.

Background[edit | edit source]

Targets any tile on the battlefield. After 3.3 seconds, it deals massive damage to any unit and medium damage to all adjacent units.

Game power[edit | edit source]

When hitting directly, Ion Cannon can remove all but the most durable battle units in the game. Light to medium armored units won't survive being next to the blast. This makes it very hard to play fortress setup against Solomon, since at the critical moment it can remove, say, an Artillery setup and move in to capture pads.

The high damage makes it suitable to deal with tech units, but the high cost means it will rarely trade favorably. To compensate, the Cannon should be used only in critical moments, like removing enemy units from the pads and capturing the pads.

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