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Ionized Weaponry was a weapon technologocal field that the Global Defense Initiative had mastered by the era after the Tiberium Control Network Conflict. It consisted of ionizer arrays that were at times installed within Railguns and added a high energy particle to the projectile before their launch. The effect of such an infusion was the substantial increase in the projectile weapon's destructive power which left a cloud of highly charged particles that ionized the air. This gave the weapon its characteristics blue glow as the particles travelled along with the projectile until it reached its target and became a common sight within GDI's arsenal by the years leading to the Fourth Tiberium War.

The AT-22 Hunter Tank was equipped with both Ionized Weaponry and a Tiberium core generator with the latter power source charging the ionizer array.

Presumably, Ionized Weaponry was developed after GDI's constant usage of Ion Cannon's and were created only after the wide spread energy generated as a result of the Tiberium Control Network.

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