Iselvina Flores

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Iselvina Flores
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Tiberian Sun (mentioned)

Iselvina Flores was the woman who survived and oversaw the South America Firestorm that tore down trees as the air had been thickened by black ash and smoke including the sea was on fire. She was frightened by the natural disaster.

The Firestorm[edit | edit source]

From New Guatemala to South America, fire ripped through forests including the ones in the Amazon Desert. Flores said that the fires tore down the trees with the air thickened by deadly smoke and ash turning black, but also seeing the sea was on fire. She was frightened by the disaster and this happened before a Second Tiberium War with GDI managing several evacuation zones for civilians including Flores to get out of the area as quick as possible or die trying to fight the firestorm back to where it started in the first place.

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